The skill-base within SKIL Group is vast and counting. Our ethos emphasizes the importance of technical excellence and continuing development. As one of the best respected names in the Construction and Hospitality sectors, SKIL Group has been instrumental in being a part of development across India from Andhra Pradesh to Arunachal Pradesh. Our breadth of experience equips us to draw key players to bring together the best possible team.

We summarize our approach in one statement "TRUST COMES FROM THE HEART". This encapsulates the conduct of our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, protection of the environment and efforts to benefit the communities where we work. With new ventures, our range of services in hospitality as well as power continues to multiply. Our portfolio continues to expand, bringing in a large variety projects and a significant increase in turnover. This expansion of the business is set to continue with a sharp focus on delivering projects to exceed the quality standard expected by our clients.